cropped-evening-theatre.jpgWelcome to The Evening Theatre. Hold onto your ticket, and we’ll turn down the house lights. Don’t mind the threadbare conditions of this place. We aren’t much for bells and whistles. The balcony can be a bit drafty, that we’ll readily grant you. Just don’t let the chill keep you away. 

Falling somewhere between The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt (or any other number of similar anthologies), The Evening Theatre strives to bring you the scary, strange, and uncanny. We enjoy the occasional laugh and can be campy from time to time, but you’ll find our show is the best thrill you’ve ever had in the dark. 

Our purpose is to pay homage to the great American grindhouses of the past. Practically every town has that dilapidated, deplorable, seedy theater – the one that has long been shuttered to all but a few brazen locals. That’s us. 

Our debut isn’t until March, but feel free to submit to our editors at your convenience. 

So, dust off a chair, take a seat and relax. The curtain is still down, and the show is only just now about to start.