March Debut: Introduction

Without further delay (there were more cobwebs to remove than anticipated), The Evening Theatre proudly introduces this debut performance! We have a wondrously superb – and gruesome – double bill slated for your enjoyment. Our contributors to this performance span two continents and multiple countries. Our lineup is bookended with poetry by Emma Power (@epower05) and includes a tremendously misdirecting comedic piece by Maria L. Berg (@authormariaberg). Analogue Robot (@contechnics) has gifted us with a marvelous exploration of automation, mind, and space in “Lone Space Traveller Logs”.

Our double bill features wonderfully crafted short stories by Ryan Sonneville (@r_sonneville) and Joseph S. Pete (@nwi_jsp). The twist of each tale will certainly encourage at least one reread. Our editors very much enjoyed both of these pieces.

Amanda Bergloff (@AmandaBergloff) was kind enough to provide samples of her inspired photography to lend a certain chilly quality to this collection. These images represent the stark contrasts between our individual selections for this performance.

Of course, there is one great truth found within our debut: The Evening Theatre desires to take you on the most unexpected journey possible.

The performance will begin promptly at 10:00pm (EST) this evening, according to the following lineup:

Opening Act – The Awards by Emma Power

First ActLone Space Traveller Logs by Analogue Robot

First Feature“The Accountant and the Polygraph” by Ryan Sonneville

The Jester – “When To Report A Co-Worker” by Maria L. Berg

Second Feature – “Sky King” by Joseph S. Pete

The Encore “Behind the Laughter” by Emma Power

DIMENSION OF SIGHT by Amanda Bergloff

“Dimension of Sight” by Amanda Bergloff  

Amanda Bergloff is a surrealist artist whose work has been published in the e-zines, New Myths, The Horror Zine, 200CCs, Firefly Magazine, Enchanted Conversation, and Shotgun! Strange Stories.

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