“A Sampling of Our Workshop”

Workshop (@TETWorkshop), our “very short fiction” endeavor, has now existed for four months and has published some great pieces. We really enjoy the blend of challenge and possibility that the world of tweet-length fiction offers to authors. Promotion of this form has become significant to our mission. 

The sample below is from Dennis Mombauer and was originally published June 2, 2018. Dennis has provided several very unique pieces to Workshop over the last few months and this one certainly has distinct details.

You can also read the continuation of “A Sampling of Our Workshop”.


No one visits the house in the paddies. Even the oxen have learned to graze elsewhere. Leeches thrive, & other things.

Once, a tuk-tuk broke down on the lonely road. The driver cursed the pouring rain. He saw lighted windows.

No one visits the house in the paddies, not anymore.

Dennis Mombauer (@DMombauer) currently lives in Colombo as a freelance writer of fiction, textual experiments, reviews & essays. Co-publisher of novelle.wtf. Homepage & newsletter under dennismombauer.com. 


Artwork provided by Amanda Bergloff (@AmandaBergloff)

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