“Beasts” by Roppotucha Greenberg

            We colonised the sun. Our presence here dwarfs all else. We have sacrificed homes, nights, and bodies as they were in the inter-planetary period. Earth is invisible.

             Immured in the core, the sun-beasts hurl out flames: tails, snouts, wings. If I open the gates, I will see them: I will cause immeasurable hurt.

             In class, we study differentials and the convective zone.  Boredom rips us apart: white heat surrounds us; the elders are busy preaching. The beasts are in my head, splintering, bursting, consuming all thoughts.

            After the flare, the elders sleep suspended among the rays. I remove the keys.


Artwork provided by Amanda Bergloff (@AmandaBergloff)

Roppotucha Greenberg writes microfiction on Twitter (@Roppotucha). Longer pieces are available on Amazon. She is a recent Ad Hoc Fiction winner.

One thought on ““Beasts” by Roppotucha Greenberg

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