Encore for Our August Performance

Our August performance last evening included five works of fiction from five authors. Amanda Bergloff (@Amanda Bergloff) kindly provided some fantastic artwork, and we featured the fifth (and “final”) installment of the “Strom and Ash” series from Damon Garn. As bittersweet as that may sound, we believe that we haven’t quite yet read the last about that Archmage and dragon. 

The other four pieces from this performance covered quite a bit of ground. Werewolves in the city. Dinosaurs on Mars. Colonists on the Sun. And a conversation in a bar between two men with deadly consequences.

The lineup of our August performance:

Opener: “Beasts” by Roppotucha Greenberg (@roppotucha)

First Act: “Strawberry Moon” by Kerry E.B. Black (@BlackKerryblick)

Second Act: “Dying for Dinosaurs” by Joshua Scully (@jojascully)

Headliner: “The Homecoming” by Damon Garn (@dmgwrites)

Encore: “The Ask” by Joseph S. Pete (@nwi_jsp)


Artwork provided by Amanda Bergloff (@AmandaBergloff)

Our next performance will be September 17th. Submissions are now open!

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