The Evening Theatre was created to promote authors who dabble in the darkness. We are anxiously awaiting your submissions of horror, debauchery, murder, mayhem, science fiction, comedy, and camp. 

Instead of “issues”, we schedule “performances”. Each performance will typically include (but may differ from) the following:

  • Introduction – provided by the editors for each performance.
  • Opening Act – somewhat longer piece that sets the tone for the remainder of the performance. 
  • Following Act(s) – shorter pieces (usually three or four) in the spirit roused by the Opening Act.
  • The Jester – comedic interlude. Although The Evening Theatre enjoys dark comedy, The Jester will not appear during every performance. 
  • The Headliner – the lead of the performance. This is the strongest piece and the heart of the theme each month.
  • The Encore – short piece that provides a sense of closure. 

Generally speaking, each performance will consist of six to eight individual tales. Please see our guidelines for submission if you wish to submit!

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