Performance Schedule

abandon theatre.jpgThe next performance of The Evening Theatre will be on Monday, June 25th, 2018. We will be accepting submissions for our second June performance through Friday, June 22nd.

To submit to The Evening Theatre, please review our guidelines for submission. Performances are consistently scripted in a similar way each month.

Performances will occur monthly.

Unforeseen circumstances in 2017 resulted in just two performances before an extended hiatus. If you are interested in these performances, please visit the links below:

“Introduction” – March 2017 Performance

“Change” – April 2017 Performance

“Comeback” – April 2018 Performance

“Dark Turn” – May 2018 Performance

“Workshop: Two Months of Tales” – June 11, 2018 Performance

The Evening Theatre is back in business.

Submissions will be accepted between performances and are currently OPEN.