“A Sampling of Our Workshop” (continued)

The first half of “A Sampling of Our Workshop” is also available.

You can find additional information about Workshop and about submitting to Workshop on our blog.

We have a final example from Workshop to share. This one comes from Michael Carter and was originally published on May 16, 2018. As with the other Workshop samples shared, this piece provides a great deal of detail and a twist in less than 280 characters.


He squirted a tube of roast beef concentrate in his mouth, followed by shots of potato. Freeze-dried peaches were dessert. He savored each as tears blurred his view of a shrinking blue-and-white dot. It was his last meal aboard Shuttle 9, drifting uncontrollably into space.

Michael Carter is a short fiction and creative nonfiction writer who grew up reading an odd combination of sci-fi and Louis L’Amour books. He’s also a ghostwriter in the legal profession and a Space Camp alum. He’s online at michaelcarter.ink and @mcmichaelcarter.


Artwork provided by Amanda Bergloff (@AmandaBergloff)

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